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Recently, I was commissioned to create a custom 22 x 9 ft rainbow hued acrylic mural on glass for WERQ, a group exhibition by NOGO Arts and Cluster gallery at The Playground in Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Todd Coulter, the exhibition focuses on artwork that addresses how queer people are responding to, assimilating into and liberating society in the context of work. My freehand line drawing mural is a meditation on how queer people are redefining the traditional roles in the workplace, weaving together a creative tapestry of queer working identities like transgender cowboys, lesbian soldiers and wedding cake makers, social media influencers, gay construction workers, plus size models and queer healers and activists.

More information: WERQ exhibition page

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what PRIED means to me..

Brian KennyComment

I created a 18 x 10 ft mural on metallic Vinyl for PRIED, a group exhibition at the Society of Arts and Crafts Boston. It is a free hand, automatic line drawing mural that serves as a dramatic entrance into the exhibition, and is a meditation on identity play with a queer focus. Interwoven into the imagery are loose portraits of Justin Bond, Lana Wachowski, Sylvia Rivera and my boyfriend I sharing a kiss.

Curated by Izzy Berdan and Dave J. Bermingham, PRIED explores the vision, artwork and craft of LGBTQAI artists living and working in the US Northest area. In addition the mural, I also exhibited of my ‘Sports Jersey’ Banners “GIRLS WILL BE BOYS” & “THAT WAS NOW, THIS IS THEN” Exhibition runs from April 25-June 30, 2019.

More information: PRIED exhibition page


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